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Friday, July 24, 2009


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The number one weather-related killer in the United States each year is flooding. On average, 140 deaths are caused annually due to flood conditions. Of that number, three quarters die in vehicles.

The best way to survive a flood is to understand that nature is not the enemy. Flooding occurs often enough to give us lots of information on how best to deal with these conditions.

The primary type of flooding is river flooding. This can occur even if there has been no rainfall in your immediate area. A heavy rain event far upstream can cause river levels to rise even though you haven’t seen storm clouds. These conditions can have a cumulative effect over days or weeks. It is important to know the topography of the land around you and whether or not you are at risk for flooding.

Some precautions that you can take include keeping pets restrained or on a leash and indoors. Secure livestock on high ground. Listen to your local weather station. When a flood warning is issued – ESPECIALLY a flash flood warning, understand that there isn’t much time to move. You may only have seconds to escape. Remember that the water will seek low lying areas. Streets, streams and creeks will fill rapidly. Rather than attempting to outrun the waters, seek higher ground. Never attempt to outdrive a flash flood. Flash floods move faster than a car could travel.

If there IS time to prepare, then move your furnishings and valuables to an upper level. Stock up on clean water, filling various containers, including bathtubs. Implement your family disaster plan.

NEVER DRIVE in flood waters. Water covering the road could be covering hidden dangers. Just because you are familiar with the ground surface, doesn’t mean it is safe. The lay of the land may well have been changed by the swirling water. The waters may contain runoff toxic chemicals, downed power lines or other debris. Stop, turn around and go another way.

Avoid walking in floodwaters. The currents in floodwaters are strong. As little as 6 inches of water can sweep an adult or a child off their feet and carry them away. Listen to public health warnings regarding boiling water advisories. Take time to become aware of the entry points of your home. Neighbor’s pets or other wildlife such as snakes or rats may try to take refuge in your house.

If you return home after a flood, examine the exterior of your home, checking for damage and places where critters may have entered. If the foundation appears damaged, hire a professional to inspect the residence to see if it’s safe to enter. Wear protective clothing – dust mask, rubber gloves, long pants, boots, and long-sleeved shirts – as you clean your property. Floods cause a lot of mud, silt and other debris to enter your home. Be prepared to change garments as they become soiled. The soil contains bacteria that could make you ill.

Earlier this year, the Cane Creek community in Tennessee experienced localized flooding. The July-August 2009 issue of No Greater Joy Magazine includes two personal accounts of the event. Impressive photos are included along with an article by bestselling author Debi Pearl entitled: "The Biggest Cane Creek Flood on Record.” Her son, Gabriel Pearl wrote of his adventures in the article entitled: “Cane Creek Flood.” You can read both articles free online or sign up for a free subscription to No Greater Joy Magazine and have it delivered to your home.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009


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Norman’s Ranch and Sportswear Store can be found in a little town called Havre, Montana. Norman’s is a thriving enterprise, but that’s not all there is to see in Havre. Beyond the rail museum and other highlights you will find ‘Beneath the Streets.’ Today, this is a novel stop on a tour, but at one time it was a bustling business zone. One hundred years ago, cowboys and ranch workers would find their way here to be relieved of their pay by gambling, drinking, visiting the opium den and keeping company with enterprising females.

Havre might have been one of the early pioneers of below-ground businesses but it wasn’t the last town to try it. Craighead Caverns is part of a massive system of caves in a place called Sweetwater, Tennessee. About 70 years ago, Fort Oglethorpe utilized horses. The manure from those horses was used as fertilizer for a mushroom farm begun in a large cavern. Those mushroom beds were located near a dance floor that became a nightclub called the Cavern Tavern.

Caves aren’t normally sought after as permanent shelter, but it’s not really a bizarre idea. This has been tried previously. The real sticking point is to try and conceive of how entire groups of people could be housed AND find a viable source of clean food, air and water within a cave for great lengths of time.

When studied, however, this may not be such a strange idea.

About 40 years ago, Soviet scientists were testing several types of algae to determine their nutrient content. Techniques perfected during that research are being used today to create nutritional supplements. Because it is necessary to secure a large climate-controlled growing environment, some manufacturers are utilizing caves. Systems are being marketed today which grow fish and vegetables using limited resources. This is accomplished by using water filtered from the fish container to feed nutrients to the plants which are grown in trays with peat moss and pea gravel. Along with automated feeding, both the fish and the plants receive artificial sunlight via solar powered growing lights. As you may have already surmised, it is possible to utilize this technology to create a livable environment inside a cave.

However, the idea that both humans and animals could live for extended periods inside of a cave without returning to the surface for supplies is not the only surprising revelation.

Rural Tennessee has produced a writer that has used these pieces of information to create a suspense-filled story in her newest book, The Vision. Near a labyrinth of caves reside Debi Pearl and her husband, Mike. Together, they serve as administrators of No Greater Joy Ministries. ~ There, they also oversee No Greater Joy Ministries. While Debi Pearl is well known for her writing, this is her first work of fiction. Debi’s newest work, The Vision is not unlike the caves of Tennessee; taking the reader around surprising twists and turns that raise questions about whether these things might actually occur.

The first in a series, The Vision delivers on its promise to both entertain and inform. Get your copy of The Vision by Debi Pearl today.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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Survival skill training can be one way to help your child avoid becoming a victim. The ability to find food and shelter until rescued will shield a child from many dangers. One of the most important ways a parent can protect children from abusers is to work to provide a safe, secure home environment where a child knows he is loved and wanted.

Criminals know that runaways are easy prey; that’s why they target them. The Vision is a new book by Debi Pearl that touches on the reality of the victimization of runaways in this country.

Rates of runaways soar as more and more families are disintegrating. Over two and a half million children run away from home each year according to the United States Department of Justice. A large number of runaways are lured into illegal solicitation. A majority of these children are indentured into service by abusers. Many of these go unnoticed because their disappearance is never reported to authorities by their malfunctioning family.

Federal agents in a nationwide sweep broke up more than 12 child prostitution rings in October 2008 that used children as young as 13 up to age 17. Metropolitan areas were not the only places these businesses thrived. Many of these operations are able to thrive in areas that are suburban or rural.

Criminal hunters study the mental and emotional makeup of their targets. They realize that these children are in search of a secure and safe place. Whatever the child lacked at home – food, clothing, money, attention, shelter – all of that is promised by the abuser. The control of the children is additionally secured by physical force and the threat of violence.

The response of local law enforcement is often to give a criminal record to these children. While a child must be 17 in most states in order to qualify as a consenting adult, there is no age limit on how young a child must be to escape prostitution charges. While the law states that an underage child cannot consentually agree to intercourse, those same laws can be used to level criminal charges against a child engaged in that activity.

Hundreds Nabbed in Prostitution Bust
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These youngsters lack family members that are willing to take them in, or rather, no family with whom they would want to live. It is not common to find safe houses with counseling services, medical treatment, and crisis management. Although released from jail or juvenile services, these children often have no other option but to return to the same bondage they escaped.

The Vision contains a story of several people that encounter a hopeless, young runaway. Endurance, faith and patience are put to the test as an angry, untrusting soul is at stake. This is just one of the strands that is woven into the tapestry of The Vision. Find out what happens! Don’t wait to purchase your copy of The Vision by Debi Pearl.

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